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Feel An Exhilarating “Portable Sanitation Experience” With Portable Lavatories

Ever wondered that one can get the best out for his own waste!!!!


portable-sanitation-experiencesBest of services, facilities, style, and comfort and of course pocket friendly porta jon facilities. The extra space used in the portable lavatories makes your portable sanitation experience the best of excretion process. Cleanliness is the most important concern hence latest eco friendly chemicals are used for cleaning portable lavatories.


Vision says a world which has clean and safe sanitation is accessible to all.


Keeping that in mind the concept of portable lavatory emerged and soon it became very popular due to its varied solutions to outdoor sanitation. The main objective of a sanitation system is to protect and promote human health by providing a clean environment and breaking the cycle of disease. Providing sanitation to people requires a systems approach, rather than only focusing on the toilet or wastewater treatment plant itself. The experience of the user, excreta and wastewater collection methods, transportation or conveyance of waste, treatment, and reuse or disposal all need to be thoroughly considered.


flushable porta potties


For any social and economic development, adequate sanitation in conjunction with good hygiene and safe water are essential to good health. Lack of proper sanitation causes diseases. Hence we have introduced the best ways to make you feel   portable sanitation experience and solve all related problems.


Rethink what a portable lavatory can do. Sanitation now has a new meaning… Style, Comfort, Hygiene, Affordability, Eco friendly… what else!!!!!

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Use Flushable Porta Potties To Increase The Status of Your Event

flushable porta potties

The key to a successful event is correct selection of flushable porta potties. Such toilet is an elite portable restroom option which has become more and more popular for special outdoor events such as concerts, weddings, sporting events, recreational events and much more. Unlike basic models of portable toilets this uniquely designed model features a hands free flushable toilet which discretely hides the waste tank and provides your guests with an overall better experience.

There is also hand washing sink which is suitably located inside that gives your guests access to an ideal hand washing solution. Flushable porta potties are one of the smartest options for your occasion as these toilets provide high quality hygiene and benefits which lead to a successful consequence. But the right quantity of units, proper placement, and the reliability of the provider are the additional vital aspects to think about.

The convenient features of flushable porta potties:


flushable porta pottiesThe most important feature of these upgraded toilets is the convenience of fresh water flushing. As a further convenience these toilets are fully self contained facility. This means it requires no water or sewer connections to operate. These units are charged with fresh water and stocked with all necessary supplies to ensure your porta potties are fully functional during the event. Besides there are many more extra features which are included in this advanced model of portable toilets.

  • Foot operated fresh water flushing facility and foot operated fresh water sink are other chief parts of these toilets.
  • Hand soap, paper towel, toilet paper dispensers are also there.
  • Lockable door with in use indicator provides privacy for your guests.
  • Toilet seat with lead and disposable toilet seat covers for superior sanitation experience.
  • Interior sixty gallon waste tank provides maximum usage.
1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Guide For the Installation of a Free Standing Fence Panel

free-standing-fence-panelNowadays the purpose of putting up a free standing fence panel is not only protecting our possessions but also adding up a little modishness and individual look to our property. Thus it is a modern way to give your land an authoritative border with a stylish look. The skill of fencing has stepped forward throughout the year. Therefore some of the best varieties of fence are highlighted here together with old style of fence to all manner of modern fence designs.

Types of free standing fence panel:

There are different types of fence which are available in variety of shapes, color, and design. Apart from the type, the fence of your choice should be functional, long-lasting and corresponding with the style of your property. So you should settle on the material of fence according to your purpose. Mainly steel, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, bamboo, wood are the popular materials in the market. Fences for residential are free standing and comparatively light structure so you can go for any light weight material.

These sorts of fences are perfect for decorative, privacy and protection purpose. If you want to put up fence for your privacy or safety then you can opt for superior materials like iron and steel as they offer more hardiness along with elegance. These better-quality fences are good for prohibiting thieves and other unwanted annoyance. Or else if you want a portable fence for any private particular object or area then you can choose bamboo or wood as fence material because of their light weight.

free standing fence panelsTake care of your fence:

Next important thing is taking good care of your fence. There are many materials used in fencing which are not easily harmed by weather conditions and can be long lasting with proper care. Usually wood fences have the shortest life span. There is wide range of water based treatments specially designed to colour and protect your wooden fences. They provide lasting protection from bad weather and decorative looks as well. You just need to follow these tips to erect a protecting fence easily in lowest amount of time.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Particulars About Porta Jon Which Are Good to Know

Nowadays while you are planning for any kind of outdoor event such as movie shoot, wedding or any other large event like this you can’t deny the importance of a porta jon. This is a very familiar term which is used in place of portable toilets. Such toilets are very useful as temporary toilet for construction sites or any kind of outdoor purpose.

porta jon

One can easily rent a portable toilet from any company which provides such service. Basically it is a simple portable enclosed room containing a chemical toilet and often constructed out of lightweight molded plastic. Before proceeding you should know about its variations and design in details.

Variations and design of porta jon :

There are few available models of such portable toilets in the market. The newer models include toilet papers, hand disinfectant, soap and towels. Besides they include lockable doors, airing near the top, and a vent pipe for the holding tank. An internal hand washing place is also paired with most of the models of such toilets. And there are a number of luxury models available nowadays.

They contain every feature that a public bathroom would have such as running water, flushing toilets, urinals, mirrors, and lighting and even air conditioning in some cases as they are mainly designed for purposes like movie shoot and wedding. These luxury models are specially designed for those who are habituated with deluxe toilets. For the external look some toilets are wrapped with vinyl materials similar to that generally used on buses and cars to catch attention of potential customers.

porta jonAdvantages of a porta jon :

Such kind of portable toilets have many considerable benefits because of their portability. In spite of the fact that portable toilets are more costly than a regular permanent outdoor toilet, portable toilets have high demand by customers as these toilets are self-sufficient and can be positioned almost everywhere. Any kind of open-air shooting, large festival or wedding can’t be arranged without a portable toilet.

Moreover these toilets are particularly essential for construction sites, camp sites, and farm. An average portable toilet can hold enough sewage for seven people during the course of 40 hour work week before it reaches unhygienic state. They are rented by the companies which take the responsibility of the sanitation.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Lease Flushable Porta Potties Where There Are No Availability of Bathrooms

flushable porta pottiesWhether it is construction work, camping groundings, marriage ceremonies and movie shootings maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness should be the utmost priority. Big events held at outdoors and working sites that involve huge crowds and manpower owning the flushable porta potties can enable the organizers and event hosts have peace of mind. Most of the outdoor event locations do not have restroom amenities and when nature calls people often find themselves at precarious situation. Such situation makes them feel awkward and prevents them from working properly. With the availability of these modern portable washrooms this problem has been solved to a great extent.

For event organizers having cost effective hygienic facilities for the participants is important and part of the hospitality. Portable bathrooms not only will give the guests a sign of relief but they are economical as well. These days seeing their popularity all across USA many renting companies are coming forward and are providing high quality and sturdy units. Considering there are many expenses involved in arranging an outdoor party it is always a commercially viable option to rent these units. Almost all the sanitary services are supplied by these portable units. Running water, flushing toilets, waterless urinals, paper towels, showers, interior solar lighting, and hand washing basins is the various facilities available in the washroom.

These portable loos are aromatically sanitized. There is accessibility of deodorizers, room fresheners to keep the whole ambiance fresh and clean. Even if several people use these lavatories the units will be automatically sanitized. There are many types of transportable models available in the market with which users will get maximum satisfaction. Right from regular models to deluxe units all can be rented according to the desires and budget of the customers. Most of the units are suitable for the high profile and upscale public and corporate occasions. The VIP solar units are the most extravagant with air conditioners, wooden pedestals, marble walls, etc

flushable porta pottiesEven at trekking and camping grounds the portable restrooms can be folded as briefcases and at construction projects they can lifted on the higher floors of the under construction building where building work is taking place so that the workers and contractors can use them conveniently. The mobile bathrooms can be used effectively in circus, fairs, weddings, birthdays, family reunions, sporting events, picnic, excursions etc.

At movie shootings the portable restrooms are a big asset since at remote locations with no bathrooms around it these units are the one on which the entire cast and crew will depend upon to have some privacy and for fulfilling their sanitary needs. Even at house renovation and refurbishment projects the flushable porta potties are ideal.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Always Remember To Rent Porta Jon for More Comfort of your Guests

porta jonAre you planning to host business conferences, family get together or wedding ceremonies at the outdoors? In such cases you require proper planning and organization and offer a good hospitality to the guests. You need to be make the outdoor venue all prepared to host the event. Right from food and beverages, decorations, seating arrangements all need to be properly arranged and should be of high quality. At the same time you cannot ignore the hygienic requirements of the people. Good sanitary amenities can please the guests and make the whole occasion successful. Renting porta jon or mobile bathrooms can make your event rewarding and satisfying.

Over the years sanitation has been a cause for concern for common people and VIPs and most often they are forced to use dirty bathrooms or suffer due to lack of washroom facilities when nature calls. The porta jon has especially designed keeping your comfort and needs in mind. The units encompass all the services that you find normally in immobile restrooms. From high profile sinks and basins to flushing commodes to showers, containment pan everything is present to give you and your guests that comfortable feeling and privacy that you seek for.

porta jonAll the units have partitions to give complete privacy. There are multiple lavatory booths and separate suites for ladies and gentleman. There are extensive assortments of portable restrooms accessible in the market place. If you desire to rent lavatory for guests or VIP’s, then you can set off for luxury transportable restroom or deluxe bathroom flushing. There are even regular moveable restrooms with fewer cleanliness facilities enclosed in it. Select the suitable restrooms for your visitors to accomplish their hygienic requirements comfortably. Choose the correct porta potty rental company.

Porta jon will make you hassle free and let your guests enjoy the party without any interruptions from nature’s call.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Flushable Porta Potties For That Ultra Luxury You Crave For

flushable porta pottiesIf you love chic and sophisticated parties at the outdoors then hiring flushable porta potties is recommended to all the party goers. These temporary lavatories are perfect for the outdoor venues where proper hygiene facilities are unavailable. They will please all the guests and make them feel comfortable. The flushing restrooms will make the whole event stimulating.

Generally events that are conducted on a large scale needs to have good sanitary facilities to prevent messy environment and multiplication of germs. The flushable porta potties are a viable option available for you if you want biodegradable washrooms that will keep both the venue and the surroundings clean. The cleanliness is provided by the sanitary products available inside the portable flushing restrooms including flushing commodes and latrines, compartment basins, microbial soaps, showers, solar panel lighting, automated spigots with self closing ability to conserve water, paper towels, vanity mirror, fresh water gallon tank etc.

You can pick up your favorite unit from the various types of portable toilets available in the market such as Regular, Deluxe, and VIP etc. One mobile lavatory is enough for 10 or more people for an event lasting for eight hours. It is always advisable to reserve some ADA units for physically disabled, children and old people because they find difficulty in using the regular or deluxe units.

flushable porta potties

The deluxe models offer more space, more number of cubicles and separate suites for men and women. They also have ceramic floors, marble walls, wooden pedestal and countertops, expensive carpets to greet the guests. They are ideal for prominent guests and VIP visitors who want clean and posh bathrooms with several amenities. The regular units are beneficial in events with less number of guests or when budget is limited.

There are many dealers and service providers offering the flushable porta potties on rent. But you have to understand your necessities first and the nature and length of the outside celebrations.