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The Most Reliable and Convenient Portable Toilet Rental Services in Los Angeles

With all these people coming in and out from all directions in Los Angeles, have you ever thought about where these people go when nature calls? Los Angeles is such a very busy, but an abundant place and it could have been better, if in every corner portable rooms Los Angeles area is available.

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In a crowded city like Los Angeles, a portable toilet  is essential for the convenience of the public. Parks are everywhere and without enough lavatories for the young and old, then the place would be empty. When people are wandering around Los Angeles, situations of an urgent call of nature may happen. And then, it could have been better if lavatories would be available, especially in urgent cases. The public and private establishments must provide this basic necessity. Therefore, one way of clearing this concern out is to look for a portable toilet rental service.


Portable restrooms Los Angeles would play a very important role in everybody’s lifestyle. If people demand for this kind of necessity, then it must be given. There are various rental services in Los Angeles and providing this would make the people feel more at ease around.


portable toiletPretty sure that there are portable toilet rental services  that you offers the most reliable and the most convenient service. These companies care about the public’s needs. So, as a part of their service are modernized comfort rooms, washrooms and shower rooms.


With such generous offer, everybody would surely want to use this portable lavatory. It’s not only that. These lavatories will also make you feel like you are just home and hanging around in your own bathrooms.


Los Angeles is such an amazing city. So, if people know that visitors will have a comfortable restroom, then it can even a reason for not coming to Los Angeles.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

A Clean and Convenient Portable Comfort Rooms for Concert Goers

If you are going to check the number of people coming to witness a particular event or show, such as live concert tours, then you will see what is usually lacking. If you will notice, aside from the entrance going to the concert area, the comfort rooms always make a very long queue.

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So what if it happened that you really need to use the comfort room in soonest time, but only to find out that you are still too far from the door of the lavatory? Pretty sure that you know what will happen in such situations.


Comfort rooms are always crowded. And then, most of the time you can find this room dirty, you can smell a bad odor coming from the lavatory. There must be a way to dissolve these issues because all you came for is to watch a great concert, have fun, enjoy and see your favorite celebrities in a live performance. It could have been a better concert experience if there will be a portable toilet for those who attended the show.


The best thing to do is to get the best portable toilet rental service in town. This must be one of the concert producers must think. Having such comfort rooms is necessary because whatever the audience will experience during the concert is a part of the whole event’s success.


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Nobody would like to have a failed concert tour. So, the use of comfort rooms must also be given some considerations. When concert shows are scheduled, the performers are always thinking about how they can make their audience happy and satisfied. They give all their best during the show.



Now, if it is their concern for the audience to have a positive feedback and impression about the venue of the said concert, then every audience’s need must be settled well.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

The Best Portable Toilet Service for Outdoor Activities

Both young and old folks always find time to spend with their outdoor sports and various activities. These participants could be a group of students, colleagues, members of various organizations, family members and circle of friends. They got just one goal. And that is to have fun, enjoy and feel comfortable. Most of the outdoor activities are tiring, especially if this is not just a one-day event. Therefore, preparation is needed.



You need to prepare the venue for the said outdoor activity. So, what do you need to have in the venue? Aside from tents and foods. The major concern is to have a comfort room or a shower room. Therefore, it is advisable to find the best portable toilet service.


Personal hygiene is needed to keep your body clean and safe from illness. You are not home to do all the necessary means of keeping yourself clean, but it does not mean that you will let yourself untidy. Cleanliness is essential, so you have to do what it takes to maintain it. So, we have moveable toilets to solve the issue.




There are various lavatory services offered from all directions, but what we need is to find the best one. It is the best when it comes to quality, portability, durability, cleanliness, function, operation and excellent customer services. If these qualifications are meant to offer by lavatory service centers, then you have an ideal center. With outdoor activities, especially when kids are involved will surely take much mess. So, a portable lavatory must be able to withstand that.


If the needs of our young and old folks are met, when it comes to using the toilet, washroom or shower room, then you will surely get the most positive ratings. Just always remember that when nature calls, it must be received and answered at the right place.

Best Portable Toilet Rental Service

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Major Factors To Consider for an Improved Portable Toilet Experience

portable toilet experienceIt goes without question that portable restrooms, toilet trailers, and other sanitary items are essential for a better portable toilet experience. While often covered up by other basics in the event arrangement procedure, your porta potty rentals may play the biggest role in the satisfaction of your guest.

Therefore you should focus on some factors that usually affect portable toilet experience. Here are some important aspects which are usually responsible for making your sanitation experience superior.

portable toilet experienceWhat type of event are you hosting:

A carnival will have a much different sanitation requirement than a construction work site. Assessing what type of event you are hosting and the venue of your event should be the first thing to keep in mind when preparing your sanitation plan. Whether you are looking for a hi-rise unit to offer worksite flexibility or luxury portable restroom trailers to provide a level of classiness for your special guests that should be the first fact to consider while you determine the perfect products for your event needs.

Number of people and the duration of your event:

It is important to decide carefully just how many toilet rentals you will need in order to keep your guests pleased. As a general rule, each standard and flushable toilet rental unit can hold more or less 200 uses. Having extra porta potties won’t be seen as a problem for your guests, but too few will quickly leave you with a growing number of disappointed guests.

Special needs of your guests:

Many portable toilet suppliers present a range of toilet rental units to accommodate almost any necessity you may have. Whether your event requires family rooms with diaper-changing stations or handicap porta potty units that offer additional usefulness for those facing physical challenges, choosing the perfect model of porta potties for your event is important for a healthier sanitation experience.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Hire Superior Flushable Porta Potties During Your House Remodeling

flushable porta pottiesAre you renovating your home to make it look attractive? Is your master bathroom undergoing some repairing? Then the flushable porta potties will be very handy for you. The portable restroom units will be beneficial for the construction workers as well for you and your family in case you are unable to shift in another temporary living space during the time of the refurbishment. It will be a cost effective option as well considering the fact that staying in hotel could turn out to be a costly affair.



The flushable porta potties will be perfect for both the workers and the residents during the time of renovation. They are user friendly as well as cost effective. They also consist of many stalls which accommodates many people at the same time. The flushable moveable wasroom can be fitted internally and externally as per as the convenience of the users. You can use it as long as the renovation of your house continues. The temporary portable restrooms are provided with built-in flushes, hand sanitizers, sinks, towels, tissue papers, solar lights, air conditioners, hair dryers, geysers etc.



flushable porta pottiesRenovation can be a very satisfying experience if it is done successfully. But without the porta potty rentals it can turn out to be a nightmare. These units will be a boon and blessing in disguise for you to fulfill the need of your sanitation in case all the rooms in your building is undertaking refurbishment or your master bathroom is being repaired or improved. The various products available in portable lavatories are: High rise, Deluxe, Standard, VIP trailers, ADA complaint restrooms etc. Cleaning companies also use improved Hand Sanitation Stations, Lift Kits, Flush toilet systems to look after public health and environment. The units are safe, clean and do not pose environmental hazards.



So rent the flushable porta potties as your makeshift bathrooms during the time of house remodeling and be hassle free.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms

Why Do You Need Free Standing Fence Panel Around Your Belongings

free standing fence panelIt can be regarded as signs of snobbery but a free standing fence panel is absolutely quintessential these days. For instance, you are taking your dinner and your neighbors peeping at you. To avoid such unpleasant circumstances fencing is important. Let’s discuss the reasons on why you need them.



Security and protection: It prevents infringement of your privacy by trespassers. It also safeguards your garden by preventing unauthorized access by unknown individuals and pet animals. Your garages will also be protected from wild animals such as bears and coyotes. Fencing will also shield your lawn from dogs that have the tendency to excrete there or leave manures.


Segregation of properties: A free standing fence panel will create boundary between your house and that of your neighbor so that there is no dispute or confrontation between you and your neighbors or other intruders regarding your personal property.


free standing fence panelMakes your property beautiful: Adding fences will enhance the beauty of your property and lend an artistic value to it. Steel and stone fences are ideal for beautifying your property. But fences made up of vinyl or wood are also popular. However fencing decorated with wood or topiary can look very elegant and attractive. Boundary fences last for longer time if made up of wood. Wooden fences are durable and weather resistant.


Maintains your garden: Fencing helps to keep your garden neat and clean. For instance, if extra shrubs or hedgerows grow around your garden you need to eliminate them by pruning. So if you erect fence in your garden you will not require pruning.


So build a free standing fence panel now and keep the intruders away around your residence.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Apply For a Portable Toilet Quote and Let your Open-air Event Go Smooth

portable toilet quotePortable restrooms are temporary restrooms which caters to your hygiene needs in all the grand and major events. They are ideal for you when your house is being re decorated .They also find application in the construction sites and in areas that has been badly damaged by natural disasters. You as a customer can ask for a portable toilet quote according to the magnitude of the events and number of attendees.


These days there are many companies that have huge stocks of different kinds of portable lavatories to the customers at pocket friendly prices. However the prices of the products depend on the amenities they provide. But all the guests will be satisfied if you rent them on the outdoor event sites including the fussiest customer.


Different moveable lavatory units have different features and amenities to make you feel comfortable at the outdoor setting where the event is taking place. Some of the deluxe bathroom units have geysers, air conditioners, dryers, stereo systems and even LED flat panel televisions. Whereas all the standard potty rentals have flushing commodes, waterless urinals, hand wash stations, sinks attached with large gallon tank holding fresh water, solar lighting, tissue papers, soaps, towels, garbage vessels etc.


  • The units are customizable which means you can personalize it in your own way. You can decorate it with artificial flowers and other restroom products like deo sprays, sun screens, moisturizers, sunglasses and combs etc.
  • The bigger toilet trailers comprises of 7 single-stalls to accommodate lot of people.
  • The units consist of 8 stalls for men and women
  • Have running water in sinks and commodes.
  • Many of the units can operate without water while some of the units have in-built solar lighting and ceiling fan and therefore does not require electricity to run.

portable toilet quotes

Apply for a portable toilet quote now offering exhaustive facilities to avoid dissatisfaction of the guests due to messy bathroom conditions.