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Innovative & Pocket Friendly : Own the all new “Free Standing Fence Panel”

Free standing fence panel, as the name describes, are the movable free fence like panels for your gardens, backyards, kids play area. Sturdy and no maintenance fence panels are becoming very popular today. Gorgeous and skilfully crafted, the fence panels are extremely attractive. Protected fence panels have no irregular surfaces,pins,splinters or spiky boundaries which makes them very much preferable for home usage.


They are environmentally secured and non-hazardous. Added to the protection and privacy benefits, the free standing fence panel also adds more elegance to ones property and prevents it from unwanted spectators or curious neighbours.Pre-assembled, strong panels are simple to move, arrange and utilize. These panels are meant to give protection and privacy at mush pocket friendly and less hectic ways to the owner.


Freestanding, move-able fence panels are a good choice for shorter term rentals or where the fencing will need to be moved around to accommodate changing site conditions. Freestanding panels may also have the posts driven in for added security and durability. An outdoor privacy screen gives you personal space away from the view of neighbors or passers-by.A simpler, more modified version could be used to enclose a spa, patio area, or deck even at home furnishing stores. Fence panels can be both practical and decorative, providing privacy to your outdoor space. It is available in various materials and styles to suit your garden design and our affordable posts will provide great support.



If used outdoors, the basic purposes of free standing fence panels are found in events where gathering of common masses is expected or organised. For such events the basic point which comes to mind while selecting the panel is strength and security. It should be an attractive and effective solution for crowd control and crowd barrier that is appropriate for even the most high-end events.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

The Actual Best “Portable Restrooms Los Angeles”

portable-restrooms-los-angelessToday portable toilets of many descriptions for both long and short-term rental purposes. The leader in the portable sanitation industry is the one with exceptional service, quality products and commitment.


The largest variety of portable toilets to accommodate any special event or job site includes:

high-rise portable toilets, handicap portable toilets, traditional portable toilets, flushing portable toilets, mobile portable toilets on wheels, mini portable toilets, designer portable toilets, and full service portable toilets that are similar to a bathroom in your home. Here are the most stylish standard portable toilet available in the portable sanitation industry.


It is by far the greatest standard porta potty available anywhere. It is tuff, durable, easy to use, good looking & very inviting to the user. From back yard parties using a single unit to large events using hundreds, it’s perfect for crowds of all sizes in Los Angeles. The vibrant colors of the unit make us one of the most attractive Portable Restrooms Los Angeles available today.


We have options for social gatherings such as weddings, company outings, fund raisers, etc..Where the discriminating user would be satisfied with a standard portable toilet. Portable Toilet has everything needed to keep every user completely satisfied. It is completely self sufficient and no hook ups are required. We have clean and affordable Portable Toilets that will add integrity and class to the jobsite. Its variable colors present the look and feel of sanitary portable toilet facilities. We have standard porta potty rental ideally suited for any long term construction and contracting site.


A porta jon that is equipped with a full sized toilet seat and separate non-splash urinal. Providing the users confidence they can see from the cleanest portable toilet company in New York. When it comes to keeping your users happy, you can’t go wrong with more service. When service is increased, the number of toilets can be decreased, saving you money.


portable toilet services

Rethink How Marvellous Personal Sanitation Can Be…Open Yourself To the Whole New “Portable Sanitation Experience”!!!


A sanitized lavatory is one of the most important things when you are planning outdoor events.Well maintained and equipped restrooms offer great hygiene. Porta Jon is an essentially modern designed restroom for all your purposes, whether personal or commercial which can be used for a temporary sanitation facility outdoors.


We need innovative solutions that will suit the people, be affordable, environment friendly, sustainable, water saving and manageable. We need technologies to empty toilets before they pile up to a level that can affect people’s health, life and property. Healthy toilets are the necessity of the hour and we have such new ideas in Porta Jon’s basket for you to pick and chose the right one.


portable-sanitation-experienceWe hope to attract innovative new ideas as well as build on some great efforts that have taken place. Whether you are in the middle of a remote location like a wasteland or a wild countryside the mobile restrooms will be first thing you would need and think about. The mobile washrooms will provide total comfort and hygiene and then you have no looking back. One has greater chances of falling sick with lack of hygienic facilities and dirty surroundings.


Open defecation and latrine can be harmful for the environment. So the mobile washrooms is ideal as they can be rented anywhere even at remote outdoor locations. Rent yourself a movable restroom for a hygienic and innovative “Portable Sanitation Experience“. A basic portable toilets basic advantage is to give you an easy way to use the bathroom when there isn’t a toilet to be found. These mobile units ensure complete privacy to the users even at outdoors, which means wherever you are whether camping, partying, maintaining a construction site. Whatever, you simply don’t have to worry about your excursion any more.


The mobile restrooms maintain complete sanitation with numerous services like flushing toilets and commodes, sinks and basins, hand soaps, showers, paper towels, solar lights, water less urinals, etc. These units provide a greater level of comfort to the users and make them feel at home despite being away from home. Live The Modern Portable Sanitation Experience!!!!

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Handy Tips for Requesting A Portable Toilet Quote

Portable Toilet Quote

Portable toilet is the compulsory thing to enhance your important open-air events. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, large event or a construction site you can pick your preferred portable toilet by requesting a quote. As there is no doubt about the fact that a portable toilet is a must for your outdoor event therefore you have to arrange portable toilets while planning for a large event. There are many well-known companies who provide such service. So you just need to request a portable toilet quote for your next event from any renowned company of your choice. But before requesting a quote you should keep some points in your mind to avail the best service.

portable toilet quoteVital points to keep in mind while requesting a portable toilet quote:


There are various rental services for portable toilets are provided by different companies. You can choose from basic portable toilets to deluxe style portable toilets according to your requirement. There are few things which you should think about before requesting a quote.

  • First of all you must consider what type of event you are hosting. Whether you need high-rise portable toilets to offer worksite flexibility or a deluxe portable toilet to provide a level of sophistication for your guests. If you are planning a wedding or high profile event then you must opt for the deluxe portable toilets to add a touch of extra comfort for your guests.
  • Next you must focus on the number of guests and the duration of your event. Your concern should be on the needs of your guests. There will be guests from children to aged and everyone in between and their needs will be different. Take a closer look at the demographic of your event before deciding on what toilet rental will work best for your event.
  • Portable toilet placement may seem easy at first but can quickly turn into an event planning nightmare if you don’t know how to start mapping out your venue’s toilet rental placement. Always remember that a portable toilet is likely need to be placed on the flat surface that can easily be accessed by a service truck.

No matter if your event is big or small working with the expert toilet solution is the best way to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved with your big day.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Guide For the Installation of a Free Standing Fence Panel

free-standing-fence-panelNowadays the purpose of putting up a free standing fence panel is not only protecting our possessions but also adding up a little modishness and individual look to our property. Thus it is a modern way to give your land an authoritative border with a stylish look. The skill of fencing has stepped forward throughout the year. Therefore some of the best varieties of fence are highlighted here together with old style of fence to all manner of modern fence designs.

Types of free standing fence panel:

There are different types of fence which are available in variety of shapes, color, and design. Apart from the type, the fence of your choice should be functional, long-lasting and corresponding with the style of your property. So you should settle on the material of fence according to your purpose. Mainly steel, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, bamboo, wood are the popular materials in the market. Fences for residential are free standing and comparatively light structure so you can go for any light weight material.

These sorts of fences are perfect for decorative, privacy and protection purpose. If you want to put up fence for your privacy or safety then you can opt for superior materials like iron and steel as they offer more hardiness along with elegance. These better-quality fences are good for prohibiting thieves and other unwanted annoyance. Or else if you want a portable fence for any private particular object or area then you can choose bamboo or wood as fence material because of their light weight.

free standing fence panelsTake care of your fence:

Next important thing is taking good care of your fence. There are many materials used in fencing which are not easily harmed by weather conditions and can be long lasting with proper care. Usually wood fences have the shortest life span. There is wide range of water based treatments specially designed to colour and protect your wooden fences. They provide lasting protection from bad weather and decorative looks as well. You just need to follow these tips to erect a protecting fence easily in lowest amount of time.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Lease Flushable Porta Potties Where There Are No Availability of Bathrooms

flushable porta pottiesWhether it is construction work, camping groundings, marriage ceremonies and movie shootings maintaining proper hygiene and cleanliness should be the utmost priority. Big events held at outdoors and working sites that involve huge crowds and manpower owning the flushable porta potties can enable the organizers and event hosts have peace of mind. Most of the outdoor event locations do not have restroom amenities and when nature calls people often find themselves at precarious situation. Such situation makes them feel awkward and prevents them from working properly. With the availability of these modern portable washrooms this problem has been solved to a great extent.

For event organizers having cost effective hygienic facilities for the participants is important and part of the hospitality. Portable bathrooms not only will give the guests a sign of relief but they are economical as well. These days seeing their popularity all across USA many renting companies are coming forward and are providing high quality and sturdy units. Considering there are many expenses involved in arranging an outdoor party it is always a commercially viable option to rent these units. Almost all the sanitary services are supplied by these portable units. Running water, flushing toilets, waterless urinals, paper towels, showers, interior solar lighting, and hand washing basins is the various facilities available in the washroom.

These portable loos are aromatically sanitized. There is accessibility of deodorizers, room fresheners to keep the whole ambiance fresh and clean. Even if several people use these lavatories the units will be automatically sanitized. There are many types of transportable models available in the market with which users will get maximum satisfaction. Right from regular models to deluxe units all can be rented according to the desires and budget of the customers. Most of the units are suitable for the high profile and upscale public and corporate occasions. The VIP solar units are the most extravagant with air conditioners, wooden pedestals, marble walls, etc

flushable porta pottiesEven at trekking and camping grounds the portable restrooms can be folded as briefcases and at construction projects they can lifted on the higher floors of the under construction building where building work is taking place so that the workers and contractors can use them conveniently. The mobile bathrooms can be used effectively in circus, fairs, weddings, birthdays, family reunions, sporting events, picnic, excursions etc.

At movie shootings the portable restrooms are a big asset since at remote locations with no bathrooms around it these units are the one on which the entire cast and crew will depend upon to have some privacy and for fulfilling their sanitary needs. Even at house renovation and refurbishment projects the flushable porta potties are ideal.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Sanitation Arrangement For All Kind Of Occasions With Flushable Porta Potties

flushable porta pottiesPeople feel awkward and uncomfortable at get together and gatherings or building projects due to deficiency of hygiene facilities. Despite the fact that the location we choose for an occasion and construction boast of toilets, but they may perhaps not have room for all people. Guests can leave the occasion anytime on the outdoor events and similarly same thing happens at building assignment sites, workers cannot be reassured and focus in their job due unsatisfied sanitary amenities. To make an occurrence or a project’s success, take on an ideal flushable porta potties.

flushable porta potties

Style and amount of the units can be evaluated depending on the type and magnitude of the users. If the users are VIP and high profile then the expensive or luxury models are ideal. If the amounts of guests are greater, then rent a big sized units or trailers with large amount of space.

The majority of the leasing companies in the market supply ghastly hygiene equipments, in that case renting those trailers are equivalent to not hiring anything. Nobody feel relaxed to make use of contaminated, filthy and unsafe restrooms. Depending on the occasion length and project duration lease long term durability equipment for the guests. So it is better to lease the units from trustworthy supply providers.

An outdoor event or construction project can last for a longer period of time. The flushable porta potties can be hired both on a short term as well as long term basis depending on the requirements. Hiring the units for a long term can help the users get a lucrative deal.