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Benefits of Using Flushable Porta Potties

There are many reasons why flushable porta potties are the most suitable and hygienic option for the open air occasions. This model is mostly seen at the high class events where the guests are VIP personalities and offers extra amenities so that you can get the comfort you are looking for to make your guest happy with your service. Moreover the flushable model leaves no scope for complaining and solves all problems which many have with using portable restrooms.

flushable porta potties

It is an undeniable necessity for any kind of outdoor event, but at the same time it remains an afterthought for most of us while we start the arrangement. This modern facility takes affordable luxury to the next level with the hands free operation and a spacious interior that provides enough space for mobility. Most users prefer the foot pumped operated flushable models for their special event because it is convenient for everyone.

The flushable porta potties are must to maintain the cleanliness Unlike the basic drop toilets, the advanced flush system washes waste into the tank and out of sight. This flush system is operated with an easy to use foot pump and as a consequence it brings hands free operation for the user. Each flush model is a self contained unit, equipped with soap, toilet papers, mirror, sink with water, paper towel, and sufficient hand sanitizer. Each unit is larger than standard models, well ventilated, completely private and is designed to accommodate 125 average uses. Waste tank is also one of the specializations of flushable porta potties, and there are sink and sanitizing stations that complement these top quality restrooms.

Flush model features include:

  • Larger interior space than other basic model of portable restrooms which allows enough space for mobility
  • Maximum ventilation to avoid odor problems.
  • Anti slip floor surface to avoid any accident.
  • Door with occupancy signal latch
  • Non splash urinal
  • Non porous design prevents bacteria from spreading.
  • Internal hand washing station provides hygienic hands free operation.
  • Includes vanity with sink, soap, mirror, paper towel dispenser.

Additional features:

  • Instant hand sanitizer and foam.
  • Disposable paper seat cover.
  • Stabilizing stakes.

flushable porta potties

Flush systems:

There are variations in flush system according to user’s demands. Mainly three kinds of flush system are popular to provide extra comfort and convenience.

  • Western flush system: The Western re-circulating flushing system is a popular choice for customers as it can be fixed quickly to easily upgrade any unit of standard, wheelchair accessible and many other portable toilets into a flushing unit. Available as a hand or foot pump flush system. The hand pump is placed on the tank for simple users. Hand pump assembly does not need base modification to install. In this system the flush bowl is easy to install and its maintenance is very low priced and easy. The bowl fits all type of porta potties. The enhanced vertical shape of bowl expedites waste exit. Waste is well hidden. The plastic bowl is made of high density polyethylene and it is absolutely crack proof.
  • Flapper bowl flush system: This exceptional clean flush system includes a plastic flapper bowl that hides waste from view. Retrofit any of standard units and some specialty units into a flushing unit with a multipurpose flapper bowl. Available as a hand or foot pump flush system. Water tight seal is created by a flap in a fresh flush application and reduce unpleasant odor. The appearance is upscale and dual flushing nozzles are there.
  • Turbo flush: This is designed as an improved version of fresh water flushing. This optional turbo base assembly features a 3 piece base which becomes the fresh water tank and a primary foot pump that turn on flushing. Also available as a hand pump re-circulating flush system with a standard base. Usually three types of bowl are available. Such as plastic, stainless, and flapper bowl.

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