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High Quality Portable Sanitation Experience Will Make Your Event Memorable

Portable sanitation experienceAs an event organizer you must think about betterment of the portable sanitation experience for your guests. Like other responsibilities you should be very careful about the sanitation part as this is one of the chief keys to make your occasion more amazing. We can’t disagree with the fact that portable toilets are indeed beneficial for our special outdoor events. Therefore before selecting a portable toilet service your must keep some important points in your mind because one wrong choice can ruin the entire portable sanitation experience.

Make the right choice to get better portable sanitation experience

The best and most suitable portable toilet is not always easy to find. The task will be little difficult at first and that is why you need quality information to make an empowered choice. The first thing you should know about the portable toilets is the variety of models then it will be easier for you to decide which model will be appropriate for your purpose. Different types of model have different advantages.

Portable sanitation experiencesWhether it is a camping out in the backwoods or any high class event, you will be able to choose correct design according to your necessity. After that you should get little knowledge about what kind of problems portable toilets have so that you can avoid those problems.

In short odor is a big problem but you can manage some of odor issues with regular maintenance and cleanliness. There is also a question of comfort zone as we all wish to get luxury treatments. If your event is high profile then there are deluxe models that provide extra comfort for your special guests.

And there are very common portable toilets which require the use of plastic bags for proper hygienic disposal but it can be a difficult alteration for the one who is using portable toilet for the first time.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Beneficial Factors of Requesting a Portable Toilet Quote

Portable Toilet QuoteWhen it comes to an outdoor event you have no options other than requesting a portable toilet quote. Nowadays the process has become much easier for everyone. There are many companies who provide services of portable toilets of all type from a basic portable toilet to deluxe style portable toilet suitable for an elegant event.

Moreover their experts will help you to plan portable toilet solution and they ensure quality and safety in every step. You just need to select the reliable portable toilet provider. Now before going ahead knowing about the advantages of requesting a portable toilet quote will be helpful for you.

  • Choice and flexibility of hire terms: You can choose a toilet from wide range of design and colors that fits your exact specifications. Moreover if you are hosting a month long festival or working on a construction project that will take years to complete, you can choose service for any length of time. Thus you will get the maximum flexibility.
  • Convenient access to a toilet anywhere you want: The portable toilet rental companies provide prompt delivery of toilets anywhere according to your demand whether it is in the middle of a construction site or at a busy sporting event. And they also offer service as suitable and versatile as possible.
  • An easy and reasonable solution: If you require the toilet for a limited period time then hiring a portable toilet is an effective solution for you because it will save you from having to spend unnecessary money buying one outright.

Portable Toilet Quote

This is extremely beneficial for those who may lack the money needed for purchasing a toilet and the other vital point is that you won’t be left with a toilet when you no longer require it. Like these factors you can discover many other plus points of hiring a portable toilet.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Use Flushable Porta Potties to Increase the Status of Your Event

Flushable porta pottiesThe key to a successful event is correct selection of flushable porta potties. Such toilet is an elite portable restroom option which has become more and more popular for special outdoor events such as concerts, weddings, sporting events, recreational events and much more. Unlike basic models of portable toilets this uniquely designed model features a hands free flushable toilet which discretely hides the waste tank and provides your guests with an overall better experience.


There is also hand washing sink which is suitably located inside that gives your guests access to an ideal hand washing solution. Flushable porta potties are one of the smartest options for your occasion as these toilets provide high quality hygiene and benefits which lead to a successful consequence. But the right quantity of units, proper placement, and the reliability of the provider are the additional vital aspects to think about.

The convenient features of flushable porta potties:


Flushable porta pottiesThe most important feature of these upgraded toilets is the convenience of fresh water flushing. As a further convenience these toilets are fully self contained facility. This means it requires no water or sewer connections to operate. These units are charged with fresh water and stocked with all necessary supplies to ensure your porta potties are fully functional during the event. Besides there are many more extra features which are included in this advanced model of portable toilets.

  • Foot operated fresh water flushing facility and foot operated fresh water sink are other chief parts of these toilets.
  • Hand soap, paper towel, toilet paper dispensers are also there.
  • Lockable door with in use indicator provides privacy for your guests.
  • Toilet seat with lead and disposable toilet seat covers for superior sanitation experience.
  • Interior sixty gallon waste tank provides maximum usage.
1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

A Porta Jon is The Vital Key To Make The Success of An Event

porta jonThere are quite a few reasons where you may find yourself in need of a porta jon. Basically a portable toilet is referred as porta jon and in our modern society this term is quite well known. This is a must for those who are planning an outdoor event and for the construction sites as well.

The portable toilet most of us familiar with is the small portable restroom stall constructed of light plastic. It serves as temporary toilet and can be moved from location to location. But there are few more types of portable toilet you should know about.

The types of porta jon:


  • Standard portable toilet- this is a standalone stall with reinforced wall, ventilation, and toilet paper and may have up to sixty gallon holding tank capacity. This toilet is often used for small outdoor events in your backyard or garden.
  • Standard portable toilet with sink-this unit is quite similar with standard models but hand washing sink, soap, mirror are the extra additions. This unit is best for large events and construction sites.
  • Standard portable toilet with baby changing station-this unit is a must for family friendly occasion like wedding, birthday etc. While you are planning for such events you must think of your own kids and the kids of guests as kids obviously need extra changing rooms. This unit may provide up to 1.5 times the space of a standard unit.
  • Standard handicap accessible toilet-this unit provides additional rooms and handrails for wheelchair and special needs individuals. Handicap access unit required to meet ADA regulations at large events.

porta jon

When preparing for an open-air event or setting up a construction site you will quickly realize that the right portable toilet selection for your occasion is extremely important.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Handy Tips for Requesting A Portable Toilet Quote

Portable Toilet Quote

Portable toilet is the compulsory thing to enhance your important open-air events. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, large event or a construction site you can pick your preferred portable toilet by requesting a quote. As there is no doubt about the fact that a portable toilet is a must for your outdoor event therefore you have to arrange portable toilets while planning for a large event. There are many well-known companies who provide such service. So you just need to request a portable toilet quote for your next event from any renowned company of your choice. But before requesting a quote you should keep some points in your mind to avail the best service.

portable toilet quoteVital points to keep in mind while requesting a portable toilet quote:


There are various rental services for portable toilets are provided by different companies. You can choose from basic portable toilets to deluxe style portable toilets according to your requirement. There are few things which you should think about before requesting a quote.

  • First of all you must consider what type of event you are hosting. Whether you need high-rise portable toilets to offer worksite flexibility or a deluxe portable toilet to provide a level of sophistication for your guests. If you are planning a wedding or high profile event then you must opt for the deluxe portable toilets to add a touch of extra comfort for your guests.
  • Next you must focus on the number of guests and the duration of your event. Your concern should be on the needs of your guests. There will be guests from children to aged and everyone in between and their needs will be different. Take a closer look at the demographic of your event before deciding on what toilet rental will work best for your event.
  • Portable toilet placement may seem easy at first but can quickly turn into an event planning nightmare if you don’t know how to start mapping out your venue’s toilet rental placement. Always remember that a portable toilet is likely need to be placed on the flat surface that can easily be accessed by a service truck.

No matter if your event is big or small working with the expert toilet solution is the best way to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved with your big day.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services


portable restroom Los AngelesPlanning an outdoor event needs lots of effort and is not an easy task at all. But you can give a touch of extra quality comfort to your event with just right portable restrooms. There are several styles and designs of portable restrooms in Los Angeles. You just have to choose the ideal model for your event to make it absolutely memorable. Let’s know about the variety of models in the market so that you can select wisely for your next outdoor experience.

The types of existing models to choose from


  • Basic model of restroom- The basic model of restroom is the ideal sanitation solution for constructions sites. This self contained model comes with toilet, urinal, and large tissue dispenser to hold adequate supply of tissue. Because of the lightweight design it can be easily moved by anyone. And it is well ventilated to reduce unwanted odor.
  • Standard restroom- We can’t deny the importance of a hand washing station in a restroom. Keeping that in mind standard restroom features a unique hand washing station built directly into its interior. Its unique and fully self contained design offers a hassle free operation. This model is constructed from durable and lightweight material so that it can endure even the toughest of weather conditions.
  • Deluxe flushable restroom-This model offers little more than the ordinary restrooms as we all admit that we love to get special treatment like a celeb. For that reason this model provides facilities that not only meet our needs but also provides the comforts of home. It includes flushable toilet, sink, mirror, soap, and internal hand washing station to take luxury to the next level.

portable restroom Los AngelesWith countless modern features the restroom can be suitable for corporate functions, outdoor wedding or any other formal occasion. People usually have the misconception that a portable restroom Los Angeles is a disgrace at their event. But the modern design of restroom is classy and upscale and offers numerous amenities for your guests.