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Particulars About Porta Jon Which Are Good to Know

Nowadays while you are planning for any kind of outdoor event such as movie shoot, wedding or any other large event like this you can’t deny the importance of a porta jon. This is a very familiar term which is used in place of portable toilets. Such toilets are very useful as temporary toilet for construction sites or any kind of outdoor purpose.

porta jon

One can easily rent a portable toilet from any company which provides such service. Basically it is a simple portable enclosed room containing a chemical toilet and often constructed out of lightweight molded plastic. Before proceeding you should know about its variations and design in details.

Variations and design of porta jon :

There are few available models of such portable toilets in the market. The newer models include toilet papers, hand disinfectant, soap and towels. Besides they include lockable doors, airing near the top, and a vent pipe for the holding tank. An internal hand washing place is also paired with most of the models of such toilets. And there are a number of luxury models available nowadays.

They contain every feature that a public bathroom would have such as running water, flushing toilets, urinals, mirrors, and lighting and even air conditioning in some cases as they are mainly designed for purposes like movie shoot and wedding. These luxury models are specially designed for those who are habituated with deluxe toilets. For the external look some toilets are wrapped with vinyl materials similar to that generally used on buses and cars to catch attention of potential customers.

porta jonAdvantages of a porta jon :

Such kind of portable toilets have many considerable benefits because of their portability. In spite of the fact that portable toilets are more costly than a regular permanent outdoor toilet, portable toilets have high demand by customers as these toilets are self-sufficient and can be positioned almost everywhere. Any kind of open-air shooting, large festival or wedding can’t be arranged without a portable toilet.

Moreover these toilets are particularly essential for construction sites, camp sites, and farm. An average portable toilet can hold enough sewage for seven people during the course of 40 hour work week before it reaches unhygienic state. They are rented by the companies which take the responsibility of the sanitation.


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