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Top 4 Unique Kinds of Porta Jon

porta jonIf you are confused which portable restrooms to rent for your special outdoor event then here are 4 different and unique kinds of portable lavatories. Read it carefully and you will get a comprehensive idea about them.

Regular porta potties: These are super clean and modern porta jon and are ideal for outdoor celebration with less number of attendees. These regular units are prepared with hand sanitizer, 60 gallon waste reservoirs and urinals to make the most of the available space.

ADA trailers: These are also called wheelchair accessible units and are designed keeping in children, elderly people and physically disabled persons in mind. They are spacious units and usually enables a wheelchair enabled handicapped people to rotate around the chairs and use them. It has a long-lasting, up to date design with level -floor arrangement, united with the potency of the lateral walls that forms a glossy, new unit.

VIP restrooms: They are smooth functional porta jon and have hand sanitizers, tissue paper dispensers, and big holding cisterns. It is suggested that you situate a garbage container the restroom to keep all the debris at it. There is a freshwater system installed in the trailer if water supply is not accessible. This will permit you to make use of running water to a washing station or sink.  The clean water reservoir holds 100 gallons for washing and cleaning purposes at the event venue and also comprises of a pumping system. The sinks can provide both warm and cold running water. The VIP restrooms are posh and perfect for those craving for luxury and if you have invited prominent people in your party.

porta jon

Deluxe units: As the name suggests these are posh and luxurious units and comprises of many facilities like flushing latrines, high profile commodes, elegant marble floors, ceramic walls, stainless steel basins and sinks, air conditioning suites and LED televisions to create an aura of comfort all around you and those who use them. There is a sealed reservoir that permits you to make use of chlorine tablets to destroy dangerous bacteria and other microorganisms that exist in water, for your protection and wellbeing. The flushing system of the deluxe units includes flaps that permit human waste and clean water to plunge into the tank thereby keeping them out of sight.


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