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4 Reasons To Hire Luxury Portable Restrooms

portable toilet quoteIf you have used deluxe mobile bathrooms then you will not feel using the standard units. But if you are renting these units for the first time then it is always a shrewd idea to invest on them. Whether weddings or musical reveries held at outdoors by asking for a portable toilet quote you can lease these units. Here are 4 reasons why you need to hire portable deluxe restrooms:

More space: The luxury mobile lavatories offer more room to the users. You can feel the difference of using a regular unit and a deluxe model by merely using it. They are larger in size and offer more comfort.

Multiple cubicles: There are several toilet stalls so that many people can use them for sanitation simultaneously. There 3-4 booths with waterless urinals, flushing systems, hand sanitizers, basins etc. Having multiple booths means it will save people’s time and there will be no unnecessary queue outside the lavatory.

Separate suites for male and female: There is complete privacy as there are separate suites for both sexes. Separate units are always beneficial as the hygiene requirements for men and women are not the same. The female bathrooms consists of sunscreens, moisturizers etc. Women also need more comfort and privacy than men and having detached bathrooms always augur well for the outside event.

More Facilities: The luxury or VIP models offer amenities like air conditioning system, solar lighting, compartment sinks, entertainment systems, tissue papers, flushing toilets etc. The best way to reserve these units is going for a portable toilet quote on the website of the renting company.

portable-toilet-quoteHowever these units need to be situated tactically at the event venue so that you can easily access them and they don’t hinder the event. Locating them close to the occasion is a wise idea as placing them too far from the actual event will create difficulty for the users to access them.


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