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Flushable Porta Potties For That Ultra Luxury You Crave For

flushable porta pottiesIf you love chic and sophisticated parties at the outdoors then hiring flushable porta potties is recommended to all the party goers. These temporary lavatories are perfect for the outdoor venues where proper hygiene facilities are unavailable. They will please all the guests and make them feel comfortable. The flushing restrooms will make the whole event stimulating.

Generally events that are conducted on a large scale needs to have good sanitary facilities to prevent messy environment and multiplication of germs. The flushable porta potties are a viable option available for you if you want biodegradable washrooms that will keep both the venue and the surroundings clean. The cleanliness is provided by the sanitary products available inside the portable flushing restrooms including flushing commodes and latrines, compartment basins, microbial soaps, showers, solar panel lighting, automated spigots with self closing ability to conserve water, paper towels, vanity mirror, fresh water gallon tank etc.

You can pick up your favorite unit from the various types of portable toilets available in the market such as Regular, Deluxe, and VIP etc. One mobile lavatory is enough for 10 or more people for an event lasting for eight hours. It is always advisable to reserve some ADA units for physically disabled, children and old people because they find difficulty in using the regular or deluxe units.

flushable porta potties

The deluxe models offer more space, more number of cubicles and separate suites for men and women. They also have ceramic floors, marble walls, wooden pedestal and countertops, expensive carpets to greet the guests. They are ideal for prominent guests and VIP visitors who want clean and posh bathrooms with several amenities. The regular units are beneficial in events with less number of guests or when budget is limited.

There are many dealers and service providers offering the flushable porta potties on rent. But you have to understand your necessities first and the nature and length of the outside celebrations.


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