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Get a Five Star Hotel like Comfort at Outside Events by Hiring Luxury Porta Jon

porta jonFor the ultimate sophistication, comfort and attraction, select the luxury portable lavatory trailer or porta Jon designed for your special events like weddings, conferences, circuses, fairs etc and beyond. If you need luxury lavatory trailer services that will give tough completion to five star hotel restrooms, with all the amenities related with ultimate extravagance, then opting for the luxury moveable lavatories is highly recommended for all of your lavish outdoor celebrations and events. For elegant affairs and maximum comfort they offer unparalleled facilities and opulence.

All the luxury bathroom trailers have detached suites for men and ladies that are roomy, climate-controlled, and comprises of running water with three compartment sinks, vanity mirrors, security with padlocks, flawless full-size ceramic flushing toilets, and other outstanding facilities that is beyond your imagination.”The choice of hiring a polite on-site technician guarantees the event lavatory trailer remains spotless and well maintained all the way through the occasion.

porta jonFactors like the number of attendees, the predictable span of the occasion and the logistical requirements should be kept in mind before hiring these units. You will be surprised to find that the luxurious porta Jon also comprises of air conditioning systems, multiple cubicles, entertainment systems in the form of LED televisions and music systems. All these components make the bathroom experience even more exhilarating and soothing for you and the guests.

Care is taken of the guests by providing them with total hygiene enabling them to access hand wash stations, hand sanitizers, paper towels, soaps, showers, gallon reservoirs, waterless urinals, containment pan etc. The VIP mobile restrooms are also a feasible option for you if you are looking to hire posh and luxurious units and budget is not your constraint.

The luxury models are robust and are made up of durable plastic materials and the availability of multiple cubicles that enables several users to utilize the units simultaneously thereby reducing rush and queue outside the restrooms.


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