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Choose Different Free Standing Fence Panel For Safety of Properties

free standing fence panelIn order to delineate traffic flow at busy and high security areas like amusement parks, botanical gardens, horse race courses and stadiums a free standing fence panel is indispensable. Such public places require high security especially in those circumstances when they play host to extravagant and upscale events like horse race. Amusement or theme parks have grand recreational games inside the park for children and here the fence panels apart from providing safety also enhance the overall appearance of the playing field.

A modern free standing fence panel is made up of variety of materials including steel, wire mesh, galvanized iron etc. Vinyl fencing is the most popular one as it is not subjected to rust or decomposition. Modern fences find application for railway, backyard, ornamentation, safety purposes etc. Also appropriate for houses and properties, companies where the user can customize it by placing the name of the event or company’s logo.

Road safety metal barricade safely manage large amount of crowds and act as a buffer between the masses and the panels. Wire mesh boundary marker is the cost effective option for the users. It is a self-supporting structure intended to prohibit or avert movement around a periphery. It is generally notable from a barrier by the precision of its building.  Wire mesh fence is made up of hot dipping, electroplating, plastic spraying and PVC varnishing and produced through interlacing and soldering methods. The procedure involves pre-straightening chain, cutting, pre winding, and soldering. It is mainly used as an escalating border and adornment. Wire Mesh barrier is used for fortification in highways, railways, airports, dwelling communities, harbors and piers, gardens and livestock-raising. Main features of wire mesh panels are:

  • Anti- oxidization,
  • Anti- aging,
  • Sun- resistant

The galvanized iron barriers serve the dual function of safety and beautification. However they are subjected to oxidation and rust. However if well maintained they can last for several years. Steel free standing fence panel on the other hand are the most robust free standing structure.

free standing fence panels


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