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Porta Jon is The Ultimate Answer To Sanitary Problems At The Outdoors

porta jonPorta Jon is a temporary mobile restroom also known as portable restroom or porta loo in USA. It is ideal for extravagant outdoor parties, building locations, camping grounds, sporting tournaments, movie shootings, natural catastrophe sites and at all those outdoor venues where there are no availability of bathrooms. Even when your master bathroom at your household is undergoing renovation you can use the mobile restrooms for getting best possible sanitation.

Essentially Porta Jon is chemical toilets or a bowl like enclosed space that contain sterilizers instead of water. It can convert human wastes into a gel like matter and neutralize the unpleasant odor. It is extremely tough and durable perfect for the use of several people. Often constructed with light plastic that makes it easy for you and others to carry it from one place to other both in empty and filled up form.

porta jonFlush commodes, compartment sinks, tissue papers, waterless urinals, washing stations with self closing faucets, soaps, paper towels, combs, mirrors and showers are some important features of the transportable bathrooms.

Placing your order online will get the units delivered right at your doorstep. Advance reserving and renting from reputed dealers are important. Reputed and reliable dealers offer good customer services and deliver the units in time. They also provide efficient personnel for installing and cleaning the units. You need to understand their mode of operations and find out which type or model of movable restrooms will be suitable for you.

The number of units to be hired depends on the magnitude of the occasion and time span of the event. You also need to reflect on the number of guests you have invited for the particular happening. But it is always advisable to hire some additional units of Porta Jon as it will be beneficial in case if any emergency situation arises.


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