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A Warm 2 Station Hand Wash is Extremely Valuable at Hospitals and Construction Sites

2 station hand washDifferent health organization have laid emphasis on installing a warm 2 station hand wash at nursing homes and hospitals as well as building sites. It is an essential hygiene product that provides germ free clean hands thus preventing infectious diseases. At hospitals, clinics and nursing homes where the personnel are exposed to open wounds as well as harmful germs and pathogens having it can be a source of relief. Doctors, nurses, patients will all benefit from it. Similarly all the building sites and construction projects must have sufficient wellbeing and washing facilities, despite of the organic hazards involved.

The various hazards in the building sites are as follows:

  • Bird muck
  • Useless needles
  • Vermin plague
  • Infectivity with manure or animal faeces
  • Non- drained dirty water systems

The main features of a warm 2 station hand wash are:

  • A large gallon water vessel with self closing faucet or spigot that prevents water dissipate, coffee jar for storing fresh and warm water. The faucet must be able to turn on for hands free function. Push knob valves needing continuous finger force are not accepted.
  • Container/ pail located straight beneath the faucet or valve to grab dirty and contaminated water
  • Dispenser soap for washing hands
  • Tissue papers.
  • Trash vessel positioned near to the hand wash station.

warm 2 station hand washDomestic bleach is a satisfactory disinfectant when utilized in concentrated form with f2 gallons water. Fill water pan with suggested cleansing concoction. Hand sterilizers may be utilized, but it cannot be a replacement for hand washing. They should be FDA- accepted for meal service use.

A warm 2 station hand wash is indispensable in fulfilling hand sanitation at households and emergency places. There are many elegant and sophisticated models you can find the market for purchasing. However they come as a compulsory sanitary product with all portable restrooms.


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