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What To Look Forward To In The Flushable Porta Potties?

flushable porta pottiesFlushable Porta Potties are chemical lavatories that are absolutely essential for outside social gatherings and celebrations. Infact they are also integral for glamorous corporate events where having them can be a symbol of prestige and integrity. So if you want to impress your guests with clean toilets then the flushable lavatories are ultimate choice.

The main features and facilities found in flushable porta potties are as follows:

  • Hands free flush toilet for more comfort
  • Hand washing stations with hand sanitizers, towels
  • Vanity with mirror
  • Solar-powered incandescent light
  • Sink with clean water supply and electricity saving self-closing spigot
  • Integrated waste vessel for eliminating garbage
  • Large gallon tank for continuous fresh water supply
  • In-use light
  • Long-lasting mat & artificial skids

You need to order the mobile restrooms very wisely for your outdoor event. It is better that you opt for separate bathrooms for men and women, wheel chair accessible units and VIP restrooms. Lot is depending on your budget as if you want economical units then the standard models are perfect but if budget is not a constraint then you can select the deluxe models.With so many varieties available in the market place and online stores one thing that you are surely going to get in all the units is sanitation merged with comfort.

flushable porta pottiesThe mobile washrooms have attractive modern designs and have elegant pedestals and counter tops. Some posh units have grand interior decoration with artificial flowering and solar lights. You can personalize these units according to your own liking. Ensure that the outside venue has smooth and flat surface for easily installing the flushable porta potties. Also make sure that the lavatory renting company from whom you are purchasing the units have good reputation in the market and are trustworthy.


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