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A New Generation Restroom Called Porta Jon

porta jonAre you fond of lavish outdoor parties but lack of hygiene services preventing you from partying hard? Are you fed up of using dirty and messy bathrooms at the outdoors? So you must rent the modern generation washrooms and toilets called porta jon. These are portable units known for their easy maneuverity and user friendliness.

The porta jon are temporary and short term toilets that are used for outdoor venues that are playing host to upscale and glamorous events like weddings, anniversaries, family reunion gatherings, circuses, fairs etc. They are also useful in remote areas and adventurous camping trips and golfing tournaments. The wide varieties include VIP units, standard models, deluxe trailers, high rise etc. You can find basins, waterless urinals, flush commodes, compartment sinks, tissue papers and trash vessels. Other facilities include deodorizers, hand cleaning stations, sterilizers etc. You need to hire the models according to your requirements, budget and magnitude of the occasion you are organizing. If budget is not your constraint then opt for the luxurious models as they are superior in terms of quality, space availability and facilities.

porta jonThe hand wash stations are a special attraction in many units. They are equipped with electricity consuming self closing taps, hand disinfectants, mirrors, combs, towels etc. By hiring the portable restrooms you will not have to look any further or beyond for sanitation as you will get all the services and facilities under one roof.

USA is a eventful country and the cities of California, Los Angeles love hosting grand upscale outdoor parties. With them transcending to outdoor parties the porta potty rentals have also become popular and having proper washroom facilities is of paramount importance to keep the environment clean and safe.

To conclude porta jon is of great significance at the outside party venues and sites. Rent them from the reputed online stores.


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