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2 Station Hand Wash For Germ Free Hands

2 station hand washMerely splashing water on the hands is not enough to get rid of the dirt, filth, bacteria and other deadly organisms. A 2 station hand wash is a perfect device to wash your hands. However you need to follow certain steps to ensure germ free hands that is vital for your wellbeing.

Hands should be washed for at least 10-15 seconds as follows:

  • Moist hands with hot running water: There should be a sufficient delivery of warm and cold running water, anti bacterial soaps in suitable slot machines and a appropriate technique of hand drying like towels made from paper hand driers or bathroom cabinet roller towels and tissue papers.
  • • Use adequate amount of soap or hand sterilizer to form rich foam
    • Massage both hands with soap and water
    • Rub for 15-20 seconds, dynamically and carefully rubbing all the hand exteriors, including the palms, fingertips and thumbs.
    • Wash hands comprehensively with running water
    • Dry hands carefully with a clean towel

Over the years a 2 station hand wash has become more upgraded in terms of technology making it an essential sanitary product at houses, offices, banks, restaurants, hospitals etc. It is essential to clean hands before and after eating, after clearing dustbins, using money etc. Keeping your hands clean and germ free can go along way for staying healthy and preventing transmittable diseases from sick people.

portable-sanitationA selected sink for the purpose of hand washing must be installed in cooking areas. It must be easy to get to. It should be strategically placed so that it does not obstruct work, and situated at a close proximity to the operational area. In big household kitchens the hand washing sinks can be bifurcated into various job areas, where many sinks must be supplied.

A 2 station hand wash is ideal for eliminating harmful germs and bacteria that are found in hands. Install them now and stay healthy without falling victim to diseases.


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