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2 Station Hand Wash: Know the Features, Types and Mode of Operation

2 station hand washIn an examination hall where several students are giving exams or at operating theaters where a doctor is undertaking the task of surgery on his patient or at restaurants where you are taking your feast a 2 station hand wash is a highly priced hygienic product. For washing hands and preventing the spread of germs and diseases it is very important to install them even at residences and workplaces.

The common features of the washing stations are double sided sinks with pumps operated manually, hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps, soap vending machine and paper towels, gallon clean water reservoir, gallon grey hose reservoir etc. Apart from the normal features you can avail multiple stationed hand wash sinks where more than 5 persons can wash their hands simultaneously .The recent sophisticated models have automatic operation, AC power-driven antenna triggered by a modifiable sensor range.

The 2 station hand wash are made up of stainless steel and come in chic and sophisticated models suitable for grand indoor and outdoor events. The various hand washing products available in the market and online stores are:

  • Knee push – It can be operated without using hands instead you can use your thigh or knees to activate it.
  • Battery sensor – It also does not need your hands to function. Instead you can use it by the help of battery operated infra red sensor faucets.
  • Mains sensor – Hands free operation using mains operated infra red sensor and aerator faucets.
  • Mixervalve- Provides a combination of warm and cold water at the right temperature for washing hands.
  • Pedestal – Converts a sink that is built up in the wall into a unit fixed into the floor.2 station hand wash

With the advancement of technology a 2 station hand wash  has become more modern and upgraded. Features such as self closing faucets are recently added to make the units more energy efficient. The self closing faucets conserve water by preventing too much consumption.  The units are easily portable and can be used at different indoor premises and outdoor sites.


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