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Porta Jon: Know More About It

porta jonPorta Jon are easy and uncomplicated transportable attachments comprising of a chemical toilet used as a short-term restroom for building sites or large scale outdoor social and corporate gatherings because of their sturdiness and simple mode of operation. The portable lavatories consist of a U-shaped toilet seat cover at the front. Manufactured with plastic they have a bowl that is filled with de contaminator or sterilizer instead of water to make the environment clean and safe.

The porta Jon comprise of both a holding lavatory seat and a urinal. Other features include padlock doors for security, ventilation facility, and a pipeline for the holding reservoir. The latest models are reinforced by tissue papers, hand sanitizers or anti-bacterial soaps and trash vessel. The deluxe units have air conditioners and hand wash stations at the interiors with a large vanity mirror and towel. The compartment sinks have a foot pump which distributes water for washing hands after using the latrine.

porta jonThese self contained units can be situated anywhere at the outdoor event sites and remote shooting locations. You can set them at a private area in the cars and ships when you are travelling. They are adaptable and in order to get high quality sanitary service they should be drained, cleaned, sanitized and refreshed on a normal basis. So by renting these units you no longer have to use untidy outdoor latrine that have inadequate hygienic facilities. Another great advantage of using the mobile restrooms is that they easily maneuvered owing to their light shape.

With the advancement of technology the porta Jon has become more complete providing all the sanitary facilities under one roof.


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