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2 Station Hand Wash For Germ Free Hands

2 station hand washMerely splashing water on the hands is not enough to get rid of the dirt, filth, bacteria and other deadly organisms. A 2 station hand wash is a perfect device to wash your hands. However you need to follow certain steps to ensure germ free hands that is vital for your wellbeing.

Hands should be washed for at least 10-15 seconds as follows:

  • Moist hands with hot running water: There should be a sufficient delivery of warm and cold running water, anti bacterial soaps in suitable slot machines and a appropriate technique of hand drying like towels made from paper hand driers or bathroom cabinet roller towels and tissue papers.
  • • Use adequate amount of soap or hand sterilizer to form rich foam
    • Massage both hands with soap and water
    • Rub for 15-20 seconds, dynamically and carefully rubbing all the hand exteriors, including the palms, fingertips and thumbs.
    • Wash hands comprehensively with running water
    • Dry hands carefully with a clean towel

Over the years a 2 station hand wash has become more upgraded in terms of technology making it an essential sanitary product at houses, offices, banks, restaurants, hospitals etc. It is essential to clean hands before and after eating, after clearing dustbins, using money etc. Keeping your hands clean and germ free can go along way for staying healthy and preventing transmittable diseases from sick people.

portable-sanitationA selected sink for the purpose of hand washing must be installed in cooking areas. It must be easy to get to. It should be strategically placed so that it does not obstruct work, and situated at a close proximity to the operational area. In big household kitchens the hand washing sinks can be bifurcated into various job areas, where many sinks must be supplied.

A 2 station hand wash is ideal for eliminating harmful germs and bacteria that are found in hands. Install them now and stay healthy without falling victim to diseases.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Importance of Porta Potty Rentals at Outdoor Conferences

portable toilet quoteAre you worried about the fact that the product launches conference that you are hosting lack proper sanitary facilities? Do messy surroundings worry you? I would suggest that you opt for porta potty rentals by asking for a portable toilet quote.  If you cannot supply proper sanitized ambiance in conferences, the inconvenience caused to the delegates can be massive and beyond imagination. It has an adverse effect on the organizers too. So, before you put your reputation at stake in front of so many esteemed clients it is vital to provide them moveable toilets in such sectors.

For high profile corporate events like press conferences, movie premieres, annual meetings and seminars there are lot of important things that are discussed. Lack of sanitary facilities might appear to be a petty problem but in reality it can mar the whole event and give rise to embarrassing situations. The attendees can feel uncomfortable due to lack of restrooms or dirty lavatories and leave the conference early. Your utmost priority should be the wellbeing of your clients, delegates, journalists and photographers.

portable toilet quoteThe mobile washrooms are clean, chic and sophisticated ideal for posh outside occasions and happenings. They have sinks, hand sterilizers, air conditioning systems, music systems, televisions etc.

Getting portable toilet quote will give you an idea about the price structure of the various units. It will also enable you to reserve the model that suits your budget and taste. You can ask for it online by giving information about your name, address, location, delivery city, phone number, email address etc. The suppliers will deliver the units in time and before the occasion starts with the help of large trucks or vans. They will also fix the units and remove them when they are used up.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

An Ideal Germ Free Washroom Called Portable Sanitation

Portable SanitationWhen you are in dire need of superior and high quality washroom facilities then the portable sanitation system is the first thing that comes in your mind. They come in the form of chemical toilets and portable lavatories connected by septic tank system. The chemical restrooms are generally considered to be superior and are a stand by yourself arrangement and is fastened with a waste disposal system where the human wastes are eliminated superficially by a suction pumping system.

Portable sanitation has become an essential element for various backdrops including – trade fairs, congregations, movie shootings at remote places, outskirts of the town, etc. Hygienic moveable lavatories have persuaded people to stay at a gathering or an occasion for an extended period of time. Over the years these units have changed the perspective of hygiene and made you more environment conscious.

Dirt free and well maintained washroom can do wonders at the event and work sites. They can check proliferation of dangerous microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus and assist in providing improved cleanliness. Portable restrooms can be located just about at anyplace in the outskirts to complement your requirements and save huge time. Clean and good quality restrooms can go a long in making your function successful and the guests contented. It will create a good reputation of yours.

Portable SanitationMost often you must have found at the outdoors that the user leaves the bathroom plagued and filthy without apprehending that there will be somebody also waiting to use it. This creates a very contaminated environment for the next user making him or her suffer the disgusting smell and nuisance. The mobile bathrooms are provided with deodorizers which keeps bad odor at bay and there are cleaning personnel who replenishes all the sanitary products like tissue papers, soaps so that you don’t have to hanker after them from others.

Portable sanitation makes sure you have a nice and smooth party with the guests staying for a long period of time.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Top 3 Reasons to Attach Free Standing Fence Panel At your Property

free standing fence panelsIf you think you need to make your house more attractive and if you are contemplating to add more security to your property then you must be wondering what to do? Think again. Well I would suggest you to opt for a free standing fence panel. Here are three reasons for supporting it.

Beautification: If you are a property holder then erecting a boundary marker will lend charm and elegance to your house. It will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden and enrich the appearance of it. Iron wrought fencing, bamboo, chain link, steel and wooden enclosures etc are the various options available to you. It is best to erect those boundaries that are both ornamental and sturdy because then only it will last for several years. You can give it an extra level of protection from harsh local weather with a paint coating.

free standing fence panelSecurity: If your house is located at an unsafe area where burglars or prowlers often try to enter in your house without caring about your security guards then the free standing fence panel is ideal to install. The tall railings or enclosures as high as 8 feet will prevent  unauthorized access of the burglars to your residence. They will not even attempt to tamper with them considering their tall structure. You can personalize the barriers with CCTV or motion sensors to foil the attempts made by seasoned thieves with evil intentions to enter your home and steal your valuables like cash, jewelry etc.

Privacy: If you want total privacy and space for yourself and your family then the free standing fence panel will prevent violation of your privacy by uninvited guests and trespassers. You can enjoy all your private moments without others peeping or staring at you. You can organize grand indoor parties whenever you want and no one will breach your privacy. The fencing panels will also act as line of demarcation between your property and that of your neighbors avoiding unnecessary controversy and dispute.

Before installing free standing fence panel be familiar with the local laws and regulations carefully and of course take the permission of the administrative authorities.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

2 Station Hand Wash: Know the Features, Types and Mode of Operation

2 station hand washIn an examination hall where several students are giving exams or at operating theaters where a doctor is undertaking the task of surgery on his patient or at restaurants where you are taking your feast a 2 station hand wash is a highly priced hygienic product. For washing hands and preventing the spread of germs and diseases it is very important to install them even at residences and workplaces.

The common features of the washing stations are double sided sinks with pumps operated manually, hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps, soap vending machine and paper towels, gallon clean water reservoir, gallon grey hose reservoir etc. Apart from the normal features you can avail multiple stationed hand wash sinks where more than 5 persons can wash their hands simultaneously .The recent sophisticated models have automatic operation, AC power-driven antenna triggered by a modifiable sensor range.

The 2 station hand wash are made up of stainless steel and come in chic and sophisticated models suitable for grand indoor and outdoor events. The various hand washing products available in the market and online stores are:

  • Knee push – It can be operated without using hands instead you can use your thigh or knees to activate it.
  • Battery sensor – It also does not need your hands to function. Instead you can use it by the help of battery operated infra red sensor faucets.
  • Mains sensor – Hands free operation using mains operated infra red sensor and aerator faucets.
  • Mixervalve- Provides a combination of warm and cold water at the right temperature for washing hands.
  • Pedestal – Converts a sink that is built up in the wall into a unit fixed into the floor.2 station hand wash

With the advancement of technology a 2 station hand wash  has become more modern and upgraded. Features such as self closing faucets are recently added to make the units more energy efficient. The self closing faucets conserve water by preventing too much consumption.  The units are easily portable and can be used at different indoor premises and outdoor sites.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Ask For a Portable Toilet Quote During House Refurbishment

portable toilet quoteThese days, undertaking a renovation on your home is not strange. With changing trends and family expansion it is obvious you would like to remodel your house to make it more attractive and spacious. So whether you are considering to making changes to the entire house, or only a fraction of it, there is a lot of preparation and hard work to be done. It is a critical juncture and you need to be patient. During house renovation you need makeshift or temporary portable restrooms as you cannot use the master bathroom. Also you need to make sure the workers have proper sanitation so that they can complete their work quickly. The portable lavatories will solve all your hygiene related problems and you can reserve them online by requesting for a portable toilet quote.

The moveable lavatories are sustainable units that are perfect for the whole crew that is undertaking the task of renovation. It is also ideal for you and your family to accomplish hygiene demands. The units also ensure total wellbeing and safety for the workers and contractors. All regular lavatories will have hand disinfectant to guarantee that microorganisms and germs are not multiply around the site.  In addition, you can have hand washing basins incorporated in your washrooms for hygienic and more comfortable surroundings. This will help to keep your renovation squad contented during the restoration process and let the workers a confidential space to use the lavatory.

By inquiring for a portable toilet quote you can make sure your refurbishment project goes off smoothly. It will relieve all the stresses. But the amount of restrooms that needs to be rented by you depends on the magnitude of the renovation project. If it is a large scheme with several crew associates then you need more than one mobile lavatory. If it is a large project with many crew members, it might be better to get more than one.


1st Jon restroom rental services, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

A Free Standing Fence Panel for Dealing With Heavy Snowfall

free standing fence panel Do you live in a region that experience frequent snowfalls? Well a little amount of snowfall can be nice and enjoyable however when large pieces of snow falls and slides downwards then it can cause colossal and untold damage to life and stern unforeseen harm to properties, or one’s pets. If you are living in snowy, frozen or mountainous region then it can be a catch 22 situation. The only way out is proper snow retention systems in the form of free standing fence panel.

There are different kinds of snow fences that can prevent snow from entering in your house. But you need the appropriate free standing fence panel depending on the kind of roof you have at your household. An apt snow retention system like that of the fencing panels you can avert serious damage to precious life and property. Snow fences are suitable for metallic roof that can slide away the snowfall. These fences are separated into two groups that is the one with bolt down options and the other with compressed to layered snow fences. You can select the suitable one according to the roof you have at your residences.

free-standing-fence-panelsThe compressed to seam snowfall enclosures are particularly appropriate for those houses that have standing layer metal plate roofing systems, while the attached or bolt down is apt for a those  roofs that are made up of a slippery metal. Standing seam metallic roofs are different from the standard metal roofs, as these are constant panels of metallic panes that run downward to the roof space.

A free standing fence panel can keep snow or blizzard at bay when there is excessive snowfall. By installing it you can prevent large chunks of snow from entering your property thereby minimizing your property losses.