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4 Great Free Standing Fence Panel Design Concepts

free standing fence panel

A free standing fence panel serves the purpose of providing security, protection, privacy and decoration to your property. It keeps wild animals and intruders away when erected at 6 feet high. But the big question how you will design your fence to make it look attractive. Here are a few materials you can consider using.

  • Framed Bamboo fence:

You can use this material for your free standing fence panel because they are environment friendly and are available at reasonable prices. It mixes well in a garden space. Proper air circulation takes place under and through it. You can use shovel, drills and hand saw to install the framed bamboo fences around your property.

  • Lattice and board fence:

A lattice and board boundary marker is defiant against blustery weather like strong winds and allows light and air to enter.  It gives your backyard a visual attention while safeguarding your seclusion. The best way to make lattice and board fence is from cedar wood to make it durable and insect and decomposition resistant.

  • Red cedar wood fence:

It is another fencing material option available to you. This kind of fence is eco friendly and offers resilience to insects and decomposition. Consider restraining it after a gap of two years to preserve their appearance.free standing fence panel

  • Picket Fence:

You can opt for a conventional kind of white picket enclosure that allows both light and air to penetrate along with providing you privacy. Picket fences are manufactured with vinyl and cellular PVC substances that require low maintenance. This kind of fences is long-lasting and can keep the neighbors pets and notorious children at bay. The posts can be ornamented with a wide range of caps, like Gothic, colonial, New England and pyramid. The picket fence has longevity of 25 years more than the wooden boundary markers, but can be costly.

A free standing fence panel makes your property look attractive and creates a rural cottage like aura.


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