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Flushable Porta Potties: An Ideal Restroom Option

Flushable porta pottiesFlushable porta potties are absolutely essential in case if you are hosting a lavish wedding party at the outdoors. They are clean and odorless units that can cater the need for bathrooms for more than 200 people in 10 hours. They have multiple stalls with incorporated compartment sinks, towel, flushing commodes, toilet seat, hand washing sanitizers, self closing faucets, waterless urinals, large gallon tank etc. Some of the units have coat hangers, shelves, air conditioners, marble flooring, hardwood pedestal, stereo system and flat panel televisions etc. Such models have premium rates. The wheelchair accessible models are excellent for children, physically disabled and elderly people.

The standard flushable porta potties are ideal if you have conducted an outdoor party on a small scale. They are less lavish and glamorous than those units having premium rates. The units are clean, sturdy and easy to carry and install.

Flushable porta pottiesOver the years you must have found that the outdoor venues does not have sufficient bathrooms and even if they have it is messy with inadequate water supply and passage for human waste. Using them is unhygienic. But with the advent of the portable restrooms you can use them easily as a replacement of those untidy restrooms.

Apart from weddings they find application in the building sites, outdoor film shootings, and agricultural farms etc. They are ideal for concerts, fairs, exhibitions, camping sites etc.

You can order these units online in advance from a reputed portable restroom renting company or simply buying them. They will deliver and install the units at the event site and dismantle them after use. They will also provide you all the accessories that you need for keeping the units clean and maintaining them properly. Long term contracts with the renting companies might get you a lucrative deal. So order the flushable porta potties right now.


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