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The Significance of Installing 2 Station Hand Wash

2 Station Hand WashIn order to prevent bacterial infection and spread of germs the 2 station hand wash is an essential commodity. It ensures your hand sanitation at the public places. Washing your hands merely by soap and using a bucket of water or hole a faucet from a pitcher or splattering water on the dirt is not good enough but by using these washing units you can ensure complete hygiene of your hand.

The self contained units are units provided with anti bacterial soaps, hand sanitizers and self closing faucets that help in water conservation. Just like a kitchen sinks you can great comfort using them. They are ideal at public places like hotels, restaurants as well as grand outdoor parties trekking, picnic, camps, excursions, garden parties etc. These self contained units are perfect to install in those areas where conventional sinks cannot be set up. These days you don’t have to install them separately as they are available with the different models of portable restrooms.

A 2 station hand wash has some wonderful features like :

  • Solid, multiple-user basin system.
  • Hands-free base pump operation.
  • Can be moved by one individual.
  • Can be built-in in small areas.
  • Soap and towel dispenser.
  • Easy to run, replenish, and transport.

2 Station Hand WashBy washing your hands frequently you can get rid of dirt, germs, pathogens that you accumulate throughout the day by touching and collecting different objects, transferred from individuals by shaking hands with them, touching your own eyes, mouth and nose, etc. Washing hands is also mandatory before and after eating, handling pet animals and their excreta, before and after doing cleaning tasks, before and after making your food, after going to the toilet etc.

A series of infectious diseases like hepatitis, meningitis, and diarrhea can be caused to you if you do not wash your hands properly and frequently in the 2 station hand wash.


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