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How Flushable Porta Potties Have Evolved Throughout the Years?

Flushable porta pottiesSince its inception in the middle of 20th century flushable porta potties have provided wash room facilities to numerous people at lavish up scale outdoor parties. The demand of the units has given rise to its popularity worldwide. In the year 1940 the portable lavatories were first used in shipyards to accomplish hygiene needs of the employees. Slowly and steadily it became popular and the industry started flourishing.

The versatility of the flushable porta potties is one of the main reasons that have contributed to its demand all over the world. Not only at the posh outdoor events they find application in building sites, government projects, outdoor sports tournaments, emergency purposes, weddings, carnivals, movie and television production companies etc.

From portable wooden structures the transportable restrooms have undergone a radical change. They have become more elegant and sophisticated having chic models and plastic bodies. With the advancement of technology these units have been designed and upgraded keeping your luxury in mind.

The latest advancements includes high rise mobile trailers, hands-free portable lavatories, solar energy lighting, changing stations, lavatories with compartment sinks and self closing facets that will save your energy etc.

Flushable porta pottiesMost of the luxurious units have hardwood flooring, interiors made up of marble, and flat television LED screens, three shower stalls, air conditioners, hand washing stations, large gallon reservoirs etc.

Over the years you have been using nasty or messy bathrooms at the outdoors or when you are travelling say in a wasteland you tend to be in a precarious situation with no facilities of lavatories. With the availability of portable toilets you don’t have to face such horrible situation any more as they can placed in vehicles as well. They are clean and environment friendly units that are easy to install and dismantle. You only have to make sure that the outdoor venue where you are organizing the party is flat and smooth.

Flushable porta potties are a great evolution and innovation in the field of hygiene. They are ideal for using at any outdoor site.


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