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Make Cleanliness a Daily Habit with 2 Station Hand Wash

2 Station Hand WashThe 2 station hand wash should be made available at hotels, residences, outdoor parties, offices and other public places as a safety measure. In order to prevent diseases caused by pathogens like bacteria, viruses etc you need to wash your hands before and after eating, before preparing food, handling raw meat, after undertaking cleaning activities like washing utensils or floors etc.


The 2 station hand wash is a great sanitary product for both indoors and outdoors. You need to wash your hands with warm running water with anti bacterial soaps or hand sanitizers. Then rub off your hands using them forming a rich lather and dry it off with a clean towel.


Every day you accumulate numerous kinds of germs while touching various objects or shaking hands with people. If you don’t wash your hands you can be become sick or become victim of diarrhea or other various contagious diseases.


The chief features of the stations include,

  • Built-in lift handles
  • Gallon fresh water reservoir
  • Foot pump hand washing sinks


2 Station Hand WashSanitation is not only a big concern in urban areas but in rural areas also where food borne diseases are common. The hand stations are ideal to be placed at kitchens or near a food preparatory area where you continuously need to rinse hands with disinfectants before preparing meal and after undertaking cleaning tasks.


In the upscale outdoor events like marriages, birthdays where meal will be served these units will come very handy. They will meet the hand hygiene of the numerous guests who have come to attend your party.


You can buy or rent 2 station hand wash at pocket friendly prices from a reputed porta potty renting companies and install it at your homes, offices, outdoor event venues etc.


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