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Different Kinds of Free Standing Fence Panel

free standing fence panelFor privacy and security purposes free standing fence panel are absolutely indispensable. They are ultimate barrier for your property which when installed will prevent unauthorized access of the intruders as well as wild animals and notorious children. The height of the fencing panels varies and some of them can be as high as 8ft which will foil every attempts made by the burglars to enter in your property and steal your valuables. There are different kinds of fences that you can choose from. Some of the important ones are:


  • Wire mesh panels:

Most of the house owners and property holders prefer wire mesh panels. The biggest advantage of wire mesh panels is that you can get them at reasonable prices depending on the level of safety you want. They come in various gauges and heights. Their height could vary from one meter to three meters. To match the fences with your property you can choose the wire mesh panels with galvanized finish and choosing that fence colour that matches your residential premises.


  • Wooden panels:

Wooden panels are easy to deploy around your home or garden and they enhance the aesthetic value of your property. With the advancement of technology they have become more and more popular. They have the aura of old country cottage charm and gives excellent protection to your property against wild animals and insects. They are durable and require less maintenance as compared to the other fence panels. Cedar and redwood are the two common types of wood used for manufacturing the wooden free standing fence panel.


  • free standing fence panelSteel panels:

Steel panels are sturdy and robust and will keep the thieves and other intruders at bay. Such fencing panels can be built easily and quickly and you don’t need to invest too much time and money. They come in different heights and you can customize it with safety features according to your needs.


  • Chain link fencing:

It is a very common type of boundary marker and can be used to fence both the residential and commercial premises. They are flexible and require less money to fix.


Free standing fence panel not only provides security, protection and beautification of your house they will also help to distinguish your property from the neighbours.


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