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Different Types of Portable Sanitation

Portable sanitationHave you ever used a nasty and messy bathroom in an outdoor location that does have adequate water supply and an outlet for human waste? It is a horrendous situation to be in and a nightmare to even think about. But with the availability of portable sanitation the perspective of lavatories have changed drastically. It has made washroom experience a smooth and exhilarating one much like the experience of the washroom at home. There are different kinds of mobile lavatories available in the market. Some of the most important ones are:


Luxury Flushable Portable Restroom: Such portable sanitation is ideal for extravagant upscale outdoor parties. They offer more comfort and convenience to the users by offering more space. Soap dispenser, coat hook, stainless steel vanity mirror, hand washing stations, and flushable commodes are some of the unique features of luxury lavatories. Most of the deluxe units have air conditioners, music systems, flat panel televisions to add more zing and energy to your wash room experience etc.


Standard Restroom: These units are simply designed with toilet seat cover, flush commodes, basins and stainless steel faucets. These units are ideal for small scale outdoor events like a bachelor party, name ceremony, family reunions etc. They are less spacious than the luxury units and will cost you much lesser.


Portable sanitationHigh Rise: The High Rise transportable restroom is perfect for the construction sites like house construction and construction of road projects. It can be lifted easily by the cranes or elevators at the high floors of under construction multi storey buildings. It can be placed at private place on the building site so that the workers and contractors can use them easily without their work getting obstructed.


Wheel Chair Accessible: Such units are ideal for physically handicapped and old people as it is spacious enough for the handicapped people to rotate around their wheel chair and use the restroom conveniently.


Portable Sanitation is the ultimate solution to all your lavatory related problems. Get in touch with a dealer now for getting the latest and the most suitable model.


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