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Portable Restrooms: An Innovative Sanitary Choice

portable restroomsPortable restrooms are moveable and self-sufficient units that are ideal for you to use in those places where there are no wash room facilities. The units are temporary lavatories manufactured with plastic and can be used for short term purposes especially at the grand outdoor events, production locations and construction sites. They are available at a variety of colors and come at different elevation and weight.

With the portable restrooms you will get sparklingly clean and hygienic toilets with good drainage and sewage elimination options. A regular portable lavatory has the ability to hold compost of approximately more than ten people all through the way to hold and avoid unhygienic situation. The transportable washrooms are commonly seen at the construction venues, movie shootings, building sites, as well as lavish and upscale out-of-doors weddings, fairs, exhibitions and festivals.

portable restroomsThese units give out total sanitation as they come integrated and assembled with hand washing stations with soaps, towels, mirrors, self closing faucets, flushing commodes, trash vessels, containment pan, waterless urinals, etc. Their sturdiness is augmented by the weight owing to the human waste which is collected in a tank, which commonly surrounds a fluid sterilizer as well as deodorizer. They contain both a chair toilet as well as urinal. Nearly all of them include lockable doors, large gallon reservoir ensuring comfort and privacy.

You can select from the different kinds of lavatory models including standard units and deluxe models depending on your requirement and budget. Moreover they are eco-friendly and have no impact on the environment and are completely safe posing no health hazards.

By installing the units at the open-air event venues you can satisfy your guests and ensure that the occasion does not get disrupted by nature’s call. You and your guests will get complete privacy and comfort and enjoy the party to the optimum level with the portable restrooms.

1st Jon restroom rental services, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Get a Rich Garden Appearance by Installing Free Standing Fence Panel

free standing fence panelA free standing fence panel acts as a periphery between your house and that of your neighbor. It is not only perfect as a property demarcation but also as a useful decorating medium. For nascent flowers and blossoming plants the fencing panels are an ideal abode as it offers protection against wild animals and birds. The boundary panels also keep additional bushes and vegetation away that grows in and around your garden and you don’t need to chop or prune them.

By installing free standing fence panel you can conceal unnecessary things from outsiders and get that much needed privacy. Wood, vinyl, dry stone walls and bamboo fencing are the various options available to you.

The wood garden enclosures are graceful and render an attractive look to your house. Wooden fences in the form split rail create a small town cottage like aura around your property. The split rail fences are easy to put in as they can be built within a day.

For giving a fashionable appearance to your backyard the vinyl fences are excellent. Such barriers are resilient and require low maintenance. It can endure adverse climatic conditions and the wild animals cannot tamper with them.

free standing fence panelFor providing high safety the dry stone wall barriers is the safest best. It is economical but in order to install it you have to make sure that your plot is large enough to have room for large sized rocks. Apart from providing high security and privacy the dry stone wall enclosure enrich the look of your property.

At residential premises if you want security combined with reliability then the bamboo fences are ideal. They are affordable and easy to sustain. It is one of most frequently seen boundary marker at the residential premises.

Free standing fence panel is vital to be erected around your property for beautification, privacy and safety.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

4 Great Free Standing Fence Panel Design Concepts

free standing fence panel

A free standing fence panel serves the purpose of providing security, protection, privacy and decoration to your property. It keeps wild animals and intruders away when erected at 6 feet high. But the big question how you will design your fence to make it look attractive. Here are a few materials you can consider using.

  • Framed Bamboo fence:

You can use this material for your free standing fence panel because they are environment friendly and are available at reasonable prices. It mixes well in a garden space. Proper air circulation takes place under and through it. You can use shovel, drills and hand saw to install the framed bamboo fences around your property.

  • Lattice and board fence:

A lattice and board boundary marker is defiant against blustery weather like strong winds and allows light and air to enter.  It gives your backyard a visual attention while safeguarding your seclusion. The best way to make lattice and board fence is from cedar wood to make it durable and insect and decomposition resistant.

  • Red cedar wood fence:

It is another fencing material option available to you. This kind of fence is eco friendly and offers resilience to insects and decomposition. Consider restraining it after a gap of two years to preserve their appearance.free standing fence panel

  • Picket Fence:

You can opt for a conventional kind of white picket enclosure that allows both light and air to penetrate along with providing you privacy. Picket fences are manufactured with vinyl and cellular PVC substances that require low maintenance. This kind of fences is long-lasting and can keep the neighbors pets and notorious children at bay. The posts can be ornamented with a wide range of caps, like Gothic, colonial, New England and pyramid. The picket fence has longevity of 25 years more than the wooden boundary markers, but can be costly.

A free standing fence panel makes your property look attractive and creates a rural cottage like aura.

porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Porta Jon: Know The Utilities

porta jonIf you want elegant and chic wash rooms at the up scale outdoor events at remote locations then the Porta Jon are ideal. It is a temporary portable lavatory that looks grand and sophisticated. It is also hygienic, easy to maneuver and install.

If you want home like comfort in the wash rooms at the event sites the porta Jon is equipped with all the modern facilities that will make your party invigorating even with large number of guests in attendance. The unit can provide sanitation facilities to an outdoor event conducted on an unprecedentedly high scale. So even if you have invited more than 1000 guests you can be hassle free as there will not be any long queue outside the bathroom.

The portable lavatories have all the amenities. With the advent of technology they have become a lot better. They now comprise of numerous stalls, hand washing stations with tissue papers, hand sanitizers, self closing faucets to prevent wastage of water, large gallon tank, flushing toilets, waterless urinals, waste bowl, deodorizers etc. So amidst the beautiful outdoor natural surroundings the will augment the pleasure and sophistication of the event you are organizing.

porta jonThe mobile restrooms can be installed easily without requiring much of your effort. The biggest gain of using them is that they are sparklingly clean and eco friendly. Apart from the portable mobile trailers you can also avail cardboard trash box, shower, fresh water delivery, containment pan etc. The various models available are standard, deluxe, high rise, ADA complaints etc.

The units have changed the perspective of cleanliness altogether. You don’t have to use the horrendous unclean plastic bathrooms at the outdoors with no water supply and outlet for human wastes.

The Porta Jon comes at attractive designs with great marble flooring and wooden plinth. So avail them now.

1st Jon restroom rental services, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

How A Free Standing Fence Panel Can be Useful to You?

free standing fence panelOffers privacy: Installing a free standing fence panel gives you privacy and own space. Now neither the neighbours nor strangers can stare at you during the confidential moments and you can relax freely.

Makes your house look attractive: The fencing panels when erected around your garden will make it aesthetically appealing. In case you are hosting evening parties it will make a great impression upon the guests. It will create an aura of an old cottage house found at hamlets or country yards. There are different types of panels available in the market for instance vinyl, wooden, steel etc. The iron wrought panels are both attractive and lasts longer. You can buy them according to your budget and preferences.

Provide protection: A free standing fence panel can give you protection from burglars, prowlers and intruders by preventing their unauthorized access. Some panels can be erected at a huge height making it almost impossible for the intruders to even tamper with the fences. Also notorious children and wild animals cannot enter in your backyard by any means. You can personalize the panels with CCTV and motion sensors to thwart any suspicious activity.

free standing fence panelCreates a property barrier: The fence panels will act as a barrier between your property and that of your neighbour creating a wall of demarcation so that your neighbour does not make claim on your property and create troubles.

Durability: The steel and wooden panels are long-lasting so as the iron wrought fences. When coated with paintings they offer protection from adverse weather elements. You need to make one time instalment by erecting and installing around your property and other than that they require less maintenance.

A free standing fence panel apart from the residential premises can also be installed at schools, colleges, military headquarters and streets rendering beauty and safety.

1st Jon restroom rental services, porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Flushable Porta Potties: An Ideal Restroom Option

Flushable porta pottiesFlushable porta potties are absolutely essential in case if you are hosting a lavish wedding party at the outdoors. They are clean and odorless units that can cater the need for bathrooms for more than 200 people in 10 hours. They have multiple stalls with incorporated compartment sinks, towel, flushing commodes, toilet seat, hand washing sanitizers, self closing faucets, waterless urinals, large gallon tank etc. Some of the units have coat hangers, shelves, air conditioners, marble flooring, hardwood pedestal, stereo system and flat panel televisions etc. Such models have premium rates. The wheelchair accessible models are excellent for children, physically disabled and elderly people.

The standard flushable porta potties are ideal if you have conducted an outdoor party on a small scale. They are less lavish and glamorous than those units having premium rates. The units are clean, sturdy and easy to carry and install.

Flushable porta pottiesOver the years you must have found that the outdoor venues does not have sufficient bathrooms and even if they have it is messy with inadequate water supply and passage for human waste. Using them is unhygienic. But with the advent of the portable restrooms you can use them easily as a replacement of those untidy restrooms.

Apart from weddings they find application in the building sites, outdoor film shootings, and agricultural farms etc. They are ideal for concerts, fairs, exhibitions, camping sites etc.

You can order these units online in advance from a reputed portable restroom renting company or simply buying them. They will deliver and install the units at the event site and dismantle them after use. They will also provide you all the accessories that you need for keeping the units clean and maintaining them properly. Long term contracts with the renting companies might get you a lucrative deal. So order the flushable porta potties right now.

porta potty rentals, portable restrooms, portable toilet services

Apart From the Outdoor Events Where Can You Use the Flushable Porta Potties?

flushable porta pottiesThe flushable porta potties are very versatile and apart from the upscale outdoor events they find application in the following:

Movie shootings: For movie or soap opera shootings the flushable porta potties can be of great boon to satisfy all the cast and crew including actors, technicians, director, camera man, cinematographers etc. The units are clean and provide privacy to the entire crew so that they can focus on their work. The luxury portable restrooms will be ideal for outdoor shootings as they are elegant and sophisticated.

Camping and trekking: At the remote camping and trekking locations the small sized portable lavatories are the perfect. They can be folded as briefcases and transported from one place to another very easily.

flushable porta pottiesWhen your master bathroom at your home is refurbished: In such cases the mobile restroom trailers are a blessing as they can be placed at a private place at the exteriors to accomplish the hygienic needs for you and your family members.

Natural disaster sites: Sites that is ravaged by the cyclonic storms, floods, wild fires and other natural calamities the flushable porta potties will be the rescuer as it will provide sanitary facilities and clean water supply to the hapless victims. During natural disasters the foremost things the people look for are shelter, food and water. With contaminated water and environment all around the portable lavatories are those on which people will rely upon. With the spread of cholera and diarrhea looming large in the flood affected areas these trailer units will give them total hygiene when they need the most.