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Maintain Sanitation at Construction Sites with High Rise Porta Potty Rentals

porta potty rentalsIn the construction sites it is important to have clean and comfortable portable lavatories to fulfill the sanitary requirements so that the workers can fully concentrate on their work. The High Rise porta potty rentals are designed exclusively to accomplish sanitation at construction and contracting job sites such as high rise under construction buildings and multi storey apartments or other skyscrapers. In such places there may not have facilities of restrooms or bathrooms and the high rise portable lavatories are the one and only solution as it can be easily hoisted or lifted by cranes.


What makes the high rise mobile bathrooms popular is that they are easily transported from one place to another with the help of lifting bracket, heavy duty steering wheels and handles. The high rise portable restroom can not only be hoisted on cranes but also can be easily glided through doors, elevators, lanes and hallways. The high rise porta potty rentals are known for their small size and maneuverability and are equipped with all the modern comforts such as washroom seat bowl with flush system, mounted urinals, trash box, tissue papers, traditional soaps, fresh water compartment sinks, hand washing stations etc. Some high rise portable lavatories offer a restroom on wheels so that it can be positioned in a personal area on the building site and moved as required.


porta potty rentalsThe high rise transportable lavatories are a cost effective washroom option for the contractors, workers and other working crews in the construction site. For the personnel working on several floors accessing the high rise lavatories saves their time and also minimizes losses for an employer.


Over the years sanitation in the construction sites has been a great cause for concern. When women participated as a workforce for the first time in the building occupation, the lack of private lavatories became a big problem. The high rise porta potty rentals are an ultimate solution to such problems. So hire them now in your big construction projects or events in remote and multi-storey apartments.


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